Day: May 24, 2020

php lx


Nowadays we are using a lot of cards today, right? If you see everywhere, then there will be cards. Even the government is also introducing smart cards. Yes, even more government has gone a long way with their new plan. Yes, they want to introduce the plan that is “one country, one card”. Yes, they want to introduce this plan across the country. They thought it reduces the problems in rations. For example, your native place is west Bengal but now you stayed in Tamilnadu. And you are also poor. Yeah, maybe India becomes next Somalia. Because do you know the problem in this country? Rich get richer and at the time-poor get poor. They thought this plan reduces the remedies in the rations.

Did you hear about the php lx ? Maybe if you are from the computer science department and coder, then you will know about the PHP …

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